Embroidery & Appliqué

We incorporate embroidery and appliqué techniques in our fabric samples: much of this work is rendered by hand and is widely recognised as being out of the ordinary and of the highest quality.

embroidery / appliqué

Close up of sewing machine foot

Hand Painted and Hand Woven

Uniquely we also have woven concepts in our collections as well as hand painted designs on paper, silk and linen.

hand painted / woven

Close up of colourful woven fabric on the loom

Printmaking & Mixed Media

As a group of designers we are also open to possibilities of applying a mixed media approach to specific projects by incorporating several techniques and concepts in the same artwork.

screen printing / lino

Printing technique showing ink pulled across screen

Drawing to Digital

Although there is some digital art created by a few of my artists, their criteria has always been to paint, draw or incorporate printing techniques as a starting point before the images are developed.

paint / draw / print

Designer’s hand paints using black ink