In 1991 Alistair Boyd decided to create a textile studio. His vision then was a return to core human values in the making of artwork and craft. Today, the Alistair Boyd Studio has evolved through that ideology into a thriving community of eighteen artists and designers.

Portrait of Alistair Boyd

The Studio

Best described as ‘a craft studio’, they create artwork which is implemented by makers using fabric, thread and paint. Hand rendered and traditional techniques are embraced and cherished, whilst often being put to work in new and innovative ways.

“hand rendered & traditional techniques”

Desk with a lamp and pots of paintbrushes and pencils

Research and Trends

Discovering new ideas with a creative design direction is crucial to being a vibrant resource within the world of design. With so much inspiring information available today, the creative philosophy of the Alistair Boyd Studio has always been to filter in relevant changes and trends within home design, whilst ever maintaining our own unique creative energy.

Samples of different colour fabrics

Global Influences

The studio is open to influences and cultures from both East and West.  We use travel, our own shared experiences and a curiosity about the world to inform our style and ethos – both in terms of our collective aesthetic and to find creative solutions in our designs.

A ship in a bottle

UK-Based Design

The Alistair Boyd Studio is located in the South of England in the town of Lewes, which nestles in the beautiful South Downs and is within easy reach of the cultural cities of Brighton and London. The Art School system in Britain has long been known for its nurture of maverick and individual approaches to design philosophy.  We constantly source UK Art Colleges on the lookout for new and talented artists.

View of Lewes, East Sussex, showing the castle, high street and brewery